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She got caught out on the multi-storey car park

Throwing goodbye notes wrapped up in bricks.

About Me.
My Woofers Woof, My Tweeters Tweet. :3

'Allo. I'm Devo. And I'm from merry old England.
Fandoms / Pairings.
To give you a hint, I've written for these fandoms:
Harry Potter, Akira, Full Metal Jacket, Naruto, Saving Private Ryan, Blades Of Glory, Indiana Jones, The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, Doom Patrol, Lupin III, Blade Runner, Reservoir Dogs, Bioshock, American McGee's Alice, Biggles, The Regeneration Trilogy, Blackadder, Red Dwarf, The Great Escape, Torchwood.
More as well. I just can't remember them.

Tags and the like. :)
Kakashi + Shikamaru @ Ninjafy
Akimichi Clan @ Ninjafy.
Chuunin Rank @ Ninjafy.

M/O Ship.

[oliver + marcus]

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