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Writer's Block: Comebacks

Know any great comebacks?
No, but hum a few bars and I'll fake it.


Fic - of the Hellblazer variety.

 Title: First Time
In the immortal words of Han Solo – Hey, it’s me!
Very much nc-17
Chas/John [Hellblazer – not movieverse.]
John’s never done this before.
I wanted a Chas-in-control fic. Because whilst John’s totally awesome, Chas doesn’t get enough love. Porniest thing I’ve ever written – I wanted to avoid Mills & Boone-esque clichés. No engorged, throbbing man shafts here guys. I tried to make it half convincing? Comments really, really appreciated.

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Writer's Block: Banished to Space.

If you were exiled to outer space, where would you be sent and what would you bring along?
Well I'm already prepared with my towel.

If I was exiled to outer space? That would be totally and completely awesome.
If I had to settle and explore one place, it would totally be Pluto - which, btw, is totally still a planet, not just some 'dwarf planet'. NO IT'S REAL. But if I were allowed to drift, I'd probably visit the whole Kuiper Belt, and like, the Oort Cloud. Then onwards to random galaxies and stuff. Just to see what's going down, away frome home. Although maybe I'd just settle on the moon. That way maybe I could bribe astronauts to bring me like, Heinz Baked Beans and Loo Roll from Earth - like people do when they live in a different country.  But admittedly it'd be way less interesting.

What I'd take with me? Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, obviously - can't be floating about in space without it.
My iPod. Prolly customise it with solar powered batteries.
British comedy on DVD - sure I can get some handy hints about space from Red Dwarf and Hyperdrive.
Oh. Star Wars, ofc. The originals. Because they're set later in the future, so will be more accurate about the Solar System and are evidently superior to their monstrous counterparts.
Food and drink and oxygen - but I guess that goes without saying.
And my X-Box. It would be a sweet life.
Livin' on Pluto with my X-Box.



Title: Normality.
Pairing: Cliff/Larry
Fandom: Doom Patrol
Rating: PG
Summary: Their relationship is kind of odd.

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Writer's Block: Anthropomorphic buddies

Have you ever named or befriended an inanimate object? What did you call it?
 These writers block things make me smile when I have nothing better to do. :)
I name anything that I think is vaguely important in my room, which at the moment, is my laptop, iPod, phone, Nintendo DS, X-Box and Cacti.
My cacti are probably my best inanimate object friends - I have three of them which sit on my window sill called Bruce, Murphy, and Yamada.
Bruce is the tallest,  named after Bruce Springsteen, and he lives in an oversized and overpriced mug from Alton Towers.
Murphy is all fluffy, rather than pointy, so generally I see him as the baby cactus out of all of them, and he's named after The Dropkick Murphys.
Yamada actually has flowers on, so he's a bit fruity, and he's named after Yamada from Akira.
My other things are named, but generally don't have as established personalities.
Laptop is Loki, iPod is Sidney, Phone is John, DS is Nigel and X-Box is Fontaine. :)

I'm sure I should really be studying whilst on study leave, but d'you know what?

I'mma write some fanfiction. :3
I haven't for ages.
And get some supernoodles.
I'm hungry.
What three dishes could you live on for the rest of your life?
Oh man.
Okay, so I'm not usually a japanophile, but Tampopo in the Trafford Center do the best gyozas I've ever had. I could seriously just eat them forever. Even if it is just a starter. I'm actually kinda drooling a bit. D: That's awful.
Secondly it'd be this thing called Chicken and Lemongrass that my dad cooks, it's just like rice and chillies and lemongrass and fish sauce (which is only nice when it's /in/ the dish. Otherwise euw. D:) and onions and stuff. It's absolutely awesome. One of the only things that my dad can actually cook, as he doesn't really have what can be described as 'mad culinary skillz'. ;)
My parents and I cook this thing with rice that has all herbs and tomatoes in it - all the tomato just goes to nothing - which is good, 'cause I won't eat them otherwise - and the rice is rinsed beforehand, so it has a slightly different texture and taste to usual, which makes it really good. Then you put feta cheese on the top of it, and prawns.
Which sounds totally awful, but it's so nice. I reccommend it.
If anyone wants recipies or anything just ask. But heh, I eat some weird food.

Also, not really a dish, but I figured it should get a mention - pizza from Dominos in Stockton Heath is amazing.  I dunner what it is, but the pizza tastes so much better when it's from there, than anywhere else I know. With Tuna, sweetcorn and pepperoni on it ofc. :3


Title: Homelife.
Rating: NC-17.
Summary: The way Kankuro sees it, stuff is fine how it is.
Warnings: Cursing, PWP, M/M.

Hah. :)
I like being a fan of a rare pairing within a fandom.
It makes me feel cool. B)

Title: Puppet.
Fandom: Naruto.
Pairing: Kiba/Kankuro.
Rating: R
Warnings: Kind of  violent.
Summary: Kiba's Kankuro's puppet.

Jan. 6th, 2008

 My friend Neil recommended Naruto to me about a month ago - and I've really gotten into it, despite swearing to myself that I would never like it. On principal. xD
So I wrote fic.
It's five drabbles which make a whole fic, but each one can be read on its own I suppose.
They're all 100 words exactly. :)

Title: Untitled.
Rating: Pg
Pairing: Kakashi/Iruka.
Summary: He shouldn't be surprised.

Dec. 8th, 2007

Breakfast Club slash.
Set directly after the movie.

Title: Walk and Talk.
Rating: PG for a little swearing.
Pairing: Brian/Bender.
Notes: Unbeta'd. Might do a sequel. :)
Summary: Bender and Brian take a walk.

Other than that?
Mocks are horrid.