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Writer's Block: The Bad Habit

Talk about a habit that you just cannot break.
 Well, just generally speaking, it's biting my nails - but I don't want to try and break it as a habit, because I hate having long nails.
I'm sorry, but they just get dirt all under them, and it looks nasty - OR you have fake ones that make you look like a terrible Porn Star. :3
I always bite my nails when I get anxious or nervous though as just an impulse thing to do, so it immediately becomes obvious to my parents if something's wrong, when my fingers are practically bleeding - which makes it kind of difficult to hide things from them. Haha.

But on a weirder note, when my Granddad went into hospital, he was in Coronary Care, the ICU, and the High Dependency Unit - all of which required you to disinfect your hands thoroughly before you went in, and after you left. There were instructions on the wall as to how to clean your hands thoroughly, which took about a minute, each time.
It does however mean, that whenever I use say, a public loo or something, when I wash my hands, I look really Lady-Macbeth-OCD about it - because I'm so used to doing such a thorough clean of my hands.
Heh. I suppose it's not necessarily a bad habit as such - just a bit weird. :)

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